[MANNAM Volunteer Association] Volunteer in Chang Gyung Palace

We were listening to the instructions we had to follow.

On  November 3rd, MANNAM Northern Seoul members visited the Chang-gyung palace for voluntary activity.

About 25 volunteers, the students of Geumchon Korean class participated.


Our mission was to remove weeds from the grass. Since the weeds consume the good nutrition of the earth and look untidy, we should eliminate them to preserve the palace as a cultural asset.

After we finished our job, we walked around and enjoyed the scenery of the old palace. Since most volunteers for today were foreigners, they were very interested in the palace and the history of Korea. Chang gyung Palace had experienced severe hardships by invaders in Chosun dynasty.

The view inside of the palace was wonderful. Trees have turned into the color of fall which are yellow and red. The scenery of a lake with the reflection of the colorful trees was unforgettable.


It was a precious moment to volunteer with MANNAM friends. Today, we learned that we have gained such good memories and helpful lessons through volunteering. One of the MANNAM members confessed that it was a good opportunity to learn and understand Korean culture deeper.



[MANNAM International] Itaewon Global Village Festival 2013

I went to the “Itaewon Global Village Festival 2013” on 12th of October last Saturday. Itaewon is a an exotic place in Seoul because there are many foreigners reside near Itaewon and it has made a unique culture there.


There were huge crowds as I expected, and many booths selling mouthwatering foods and drinks. The Itaewon Global Village Festival has been held every fall and it generates a mix of Korean tradition and diverse foreign cultures.


Also, it also stands out as one of the most internationally diverse celebrations of Seoul. There were various fun events as well such as street performances -Taekwondo and Taek-kyon, rock concert, opening and closing ceremonies. Through experiencing the festival, I was glad that Korea could be the place where many people from different countries can gather. Very international.


This global event reminded me of MANNAM World Peace Festival held last year. On Sept. 16th, 2012, an international national Olympiad, the 6th World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light, was hosted at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul with over 200,000 people from all over the world. This includes foreigners residing in Korea, international press, presidential aides and more.


Chairman Nam Hee Kim of MANNAM stated that through the chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee, she was able to find the solution to the question of long standing of world peace and that she decided to co-host the event with him.


Through this event, the movement of world peace has begun in all parts of the world and announced its determination to achieve world peace and the restoration of light.


Through many decent peace events, MANNAM and Chairman Lee make effort on achieving peace throughout the world.

[MANNAM Volunteer Association] MANNAM Song

MANNAM is the common ground on which all people of the world, irrespective of their differences, can unite and work towards the goal of the world peace and a culture of respect and tolerance through true volunteerism.

-We embody the spirit of pure volunteerism and work to promote unity among the peoples and the cultures of the world.
-We offer our time and skills to aid the communities by participating in events and festivals that promote the principles of peace, unity and volunteer service.
-We strive to be a source of light and hope for others, not accepting payment for services rendered through MANNAM.
-We aid, uplift and enrich society, starting within our own communities and reaching out to the world. We uphold the principles of justice and equality for all. We do not discriminate against any group or individual longing to work towards peace and for all humanity.

[MANNAM International] Every color, Every volunteer-Green

I watched this video on Youtube, and thought it’s such a sweet idea to express volunteers as color.

It is so right to explain MANNAM International volunteers as colors since they are from many other countries. Yet, they have different languages, cultures, races, and religions, they volunteer together and try to be a light in the Korean society .

It is beautiful indeed. I feel that the member of the MANNAM International love this nation very much because they make such effort to share love and joy with people in Korea. Also, it is a lovely way to introduce their own country to Korean people.

MANNAM Chairman, Man Hee Lee, said, “As the light, rain, and air of heaven give life to all creation, let us love this world. Love will achieve world peace and restoration.”

So , I think volunteering is a way to express love towards the neighbors and it can eventually result in world peace in the future.

[MANNAM Peace] The Peace Symbol


The Peace Symbol

The peace symbol is very famous worldwide. Normally, anyone can easily recognize the peace symbol in any countries. How is this sign originated?

 <The origin of the peace symbols>

A number of peace symbols have been used in various cultures and contexts, one of the most ancient being the olive branch, which appeared in ancient Greek culture.

The dove and olive branch are found together in the account of Noah’s ark in the Bible, and were used symbolically by Jews and early Christians, and eventually were used as a secular peace symbol. This was popularized by Pablo Picasso in 1949 and became widely used in the post-World War II peace movement. In the 20th century, the “peace sign,” as it is commonly known today, was originally designed in the late 1950s as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, later it was adopted more widely by anti-war activists in the United States and elsewhere. The V hand signal and the peace flag also became international peace symbols.

[sourced from the Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_symbols)%5D

I think volunteer is one way to achieve peace because it generates warmth in the community. Thus, MANNAM International works for peace within our neighborhood in belief that in some day, the peace will be spread to the world!!

[MANNAM Peace] Declaration of Unification

Few days ago, I read an article about the Declaration of Unification on a blog.

It was proclaimed in a huge scaled event took place at the Peace Gate of the Seoul Olympic Park for the 65th anniversary of the Korean Liberation Day by Man hee Lee the honorary chairman of MANNAM Volunteer Association and thirty-three representatives of the Republic of Korea on August 15th, 2010. The representatives of various social backgrounds announced the declaration in front of thousands of people in hope for the unification of the nation.

 <Declaration of Unification>

Declaration of Unification is carved on a monument to wish for unification of Korea.

Declaration of Unification is carved on a monument to wish for unification of Korea.

This nation must be unified as it was before as an independent nation. Our forefathers who died for this country, and the Korean citizens of today never wished for this nation to be divided. Who divided our nation and established the 38th parallel?

When the Japanese emperor surrendered after WWII, our country became independent, but the U.S. entered the South, the Russians entered the North and Korea was basically ruled by the military. Korean citizens were still able to cross back and forth from North to South. Later, the government of the Republic of Korea was established in the South and a communist government was established in the North, and the route was blocked according to the 38th parallel. People were no longer allowed to travel back and forth between the two.

Is this what those who died for this country and declared independence in the March 1st(1919) movement wanted?

Is this what we, the citizens commemorating Liberation Day today, want?

Tragic conflict between one nation occurred because of the North’s barbaric invasion of the South, and the truth is that even today, we are still pointing guns at people of our own race. How can this be the will of our forefathers, patriots and the Korean people today?

Thirty-three people, who represent the citizens of the Republic of Korea, love the Korean Peninsula, and pray for its peace and unification, declare the following:

First, just like East and West Germany, the leaders of South and North Korea must gather to discuss unification for the sake of this country and its citizens. This is not only the with of the nation and its people.

Second, if our leaders truly love this nation and its citizens, they will work to establish a unified nation the citizens wish for and a country where people live happily in abundance. how can a nation which is divided stand with confidence in this world? The leaders of South and North Korea must ensure that the Korean Peninsula will not be shamed.

Third, we must all lay down our weapons and allow our citizens to travel freely throughout the Korean Peninsula.

Fourth, there must be religious freedom because religion is faith regarding the spiritual world. Religion is a spiritual pursuit, and as such, knows no national boundaries. People of religion must unite through the Scriptures for a religious unification and by restoring the heaven on earth and spreading the light of the heavenly culture, there will be a new world.

By putting these suggestions into action, we can truly achieve a peaceful unification of Korea, a religious unification and world peace.

Lee Manhee, Kim Namhee, Joo Jeongseok, Kim Yongtae, Park Sangwon, Kim Gideok, Kwak Jeongseob, Song Hyemin, Kwon Hyeonyeong, Lee Sangmong, Kim Gangjoo, Kwon Jeongdae, Lee Hyeonbong, Yang Samin, Park Nochang, Yang Hyungjoo, Park Chandong, Baek Hyeonsik, Cho Yongsoo, Kwon Boram, Song Jongdae, Lim Wonjoong, Kim Seongho, Kim Gyeonghee, Lee Sookwon, Kim Jeongdong, Lee Soomin, Kim Gisoo, Cha Hyesook, Choi Yeonggil, Monk Jinheung, Monk Hwajeong, Monk Yeongongseongo

The main representative of thirty-three representative of the citizens, Lee Man Hee.

In commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Korean Liberation Day, 15 August,2010

I, as a person who wants the unification of Korea consider this Declaration of Unification is very meaningful. I heard several stories of the families who were separated since the Korean War broke out. It is tragic indeed. I can not imagine how desperate it is when I am not able to meet my family for over 60 years. The more miserable thing is great numbers of the separated families have passed away since the war. To end this sad history, I wish the unification should soon come true.

[MANNAM International] Many languages, One hope

This video clip brings peace home to many peace lovers.
Also, it makes the viewers realize that peace can be fulfilled by not only a person’s effort but by people who speak many different languages.

In the video, there are these statements;

-There are about over 6,500 spoken languages in the world.
-Each race, skin color, culture, religion, tradition, political thinking could be different.
-But, despite these differences, we found we hope one thing.
-Through it, we become linked to each other and will be united as the one.

Then, with the “peace” in various languages, a peace symbol is made, which is very meaningful.

I hope this video made by MANNAM International will become a great source to promote World Peace.